Salishan Cowl

This cowl contrasts a highly structured edging with a graceful and airy Japanese Feather lace pattern.

Appropriate for beginning to more advanced lace knitters, instructions are included for your choice of herringbone edging or seed stitch border.

The herringbone edging is a bit more challenging, but it is fun to do and creates an unusual and elegant border. The seed stitch border provides a classic look, uses only the smaller needles and will require less yarn.

Instructions for the lace pattern are presented in both written and charted form.

Size information:
Size: Small (Medium, Large)
Width: 6 ½ (7 ¼, 10 ¼) in. 16.5 (18.4, 26.0) cm.
Circumference: 32 (42 ¾, 48) in. 81.3 (108.6, 121.9) cm.

This design is really one of my favorites. Not only do I feel like a million bucks whenever I wear this cowl, but I have the treasured memory of finding the beautiful and unexpected, somewhat hard-to-reach beach, which I hope to visit many, many more times in the future (see the 10/5/15 post, Salishan Cowl – A Look into the Design Process).

Salishan Cowl PDF Pattern, $5.00