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  1. I purchased the Willow Pattern and need clarification please. The pattern advised that a bulky weight yarn was used (baa ram ewe) with a 6.5 mm needle recommended. The pattern however recommends a 4.5 mm needle. I appreciate your assistance as soon as possible as I am knitting this as a gift and am trying to determine measurements. I wanted to lengthen the poncho as it appears too small when I made a paper pattern model (12 inch by 30 inches). I purchased the bulky yard with the understanding that the pattern would reflect this yarn weight and now am feeling confused. Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Rita,
      I responded to your comment on Ravelry. I’m also placing the answer here.

      re: ritamariewall commented on your Willow
      Sent at 2:43 PM Today
      Hi Rita,

      Thank you for your question. You are right, I did use a smaller needle for the yarn than what is recommended on the ball band, the reason being that I wanted a dense fabric and I really wanted those cables to pop.

      You would be good to modify things either way – using a larger needle or adding stitches – or both! The modification instructions on page 5, especially the second bullet point for modifying Measurement B, will walk you through how to adjust for stitches.

      Please feel free to email me at knitequalsjoy@gmail.com if you have questions as you are working on the pattern.

      Thanks, and I hope you enjoy Willow!

      1. Dear Carol: Thank you so much for your prompt reply. It helps knowing your needle size and the reasoning behind knitting with smaller needles. I don’t want to change the neck opening, but do want to make the poncho longer and wider for more length over the shoulders. If I add more stitches (width) and knit it longer (length) on both panels I’m hoping it won’t affect the neck. For example if I increased the width by 4 inches and the length by 4 inches, it should work fine without hindering the neck? Thank you again! Rita

        1. Hi all: Rita and I worked through this via email. If you do add width, you will want to add length as well. Rita’s surmise above is correct.

          Thank you, Rita, for bringing up the question!!


          1. I sure appreciate your support Carol and I’ll keep you posted on how my project is coming along. Cannot wait to see my daughter enjoying this cozy poncho! A very pretty pattern indeed. Rita XOX

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