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Camera Lucida – Still Life: Giraffe, Pears

Giraffe in progress

This week’s Camera Lucida challenge made me smile as I thought of this picture I had taken of the body of my Itty Bitty Giraffe  (pattern by Susan B. Anderson).  The combination of color and shape was so evocative of pears (which I love as a design element), that I just had to take this picture.

The challenge:

This week’s theme: ‘Hidden’

  1. kept out of sight; concealed;
  2. difficult to find, lying beyond what is obvious or avowed.

Share with the world your latest discovery…something that made you smile…something that was concealed from the naked eye…something that inspired you!

Finished giraffe:

Giraffe reading

Check out Julia’s weekly photo challenge here: Camera Lucida – Hidden.

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Camera Lucida: Garden Treasure

I don’t think it is any secret that I do not have the gardener’s gift. I don’t have the patience, nor the memory (!), to be a good caretaker of plants.

So when I designed this pattern, Topiary Fingerless Mitts, I found the solution to my problem. A garden is a thing of beauty, and this one is a joy forever. This is where the trees are never harmed by winter, drought or neglect; where the leaves are always green and the jonquils are always in bloom.

This week’s theme: Garden Treasure

  1. a piece of ground adjoining a house, used for growing flowers, fruit, or vegetables
  2. a quantity of precious metals, gems, or other valuable objects.

This week your challenge is to share what is your garden treasure…it is your beautiful and personalised box of gardening utensils…maybe your secret corner of heaven…a rare flower that makes you proud…your dirty boots and gloves…

What is your garden treasure…how does your garden reflect you?

Share this week a piece of you…maybe a little secret that you’ve kept hidden behind a beautiful evergreen pot:)

Camera Lucida: Garden Treasure

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Camera Lucida – Reflections

Salishan Reflections1

The ocean is always fascinating to me, and on days like this one, the lighting was perfect for capturing reflections in Yaquina Bay. I love this photo taken during the photoshoot for the Salishan Cowl – precisely because of the beauty of the reflecting sky and the shimmering reflected fishing boats. Even the colors reflect. In this picture, everything is more important than the cowl – hence it did not end up in the pattern. But I love it!

This week’s theme: Reflections

  1. the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it
  2. an amount of light, heat, or sound that is reflected by a body or surface

It’s always interesting to look at reflections…are they really the same as the reality?

How many times did you look at your own reflection and wondered if that’s how the world sees you…?

This week’s theme is: Reflections…show us how we look at the world upside down…how we see ourselves from the other side…how water seems to be the borderline between reality and imagination…show us who looks back from the mirror…make this week your own and tell us a story that will make us reflect:)

Two other photos taken at the same time:

Salishan Reflections2

Salishan Reflections3

Camera Lucida – Reflections

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Camera Lucida: Metal

pump, lavender cowl, grass, tree

As promised, my Camera Lucida entries are knitting-related in some way.   This rusted remnant of days gone by stands beside the pathway to the Salishan Spit.  It was on my second hike to the Spit, the photoshoot for the Salishan Cowl, that I took this photo.   The water pump had caught my eye before, and I thought perhaps it would be an interesting way to style the cowl.  None of the pictures of the water pump made it into the pattern or onto the Ravelry pattern page, but I still think the elegance of the line of the water pump juxtaposed with the rusting iron makes an interesting image, and I share it here as my entry in this week’s Camera Lucida photo challenge.


This week’s theme: Metal

  1. a solid material which is typically hard, shiny, malleable, fusible, and ductile, with good electrical and thermal conductivity (e.g. iron, gold, silver, and aluminium, and alloys such as steel).
  2. broken stone for use in road-making.
    “the work also involves dealing with rock aggregates for potential use as suitable road metal”

This week I am brining you into a new world…a different way of looking at something that all of us have around but rarely would we consider it art…the use of metal. Take a look around you and find that simple and maybe insignificant, sometimes even dangerous piece of rust that brings to life emotions…a different spark in our eyes and a modern interpretation of rudimentary.

Show your unique view on this weeks’ theme, bring us your best art…might that be a bridge of locks that tell a story, the old barn door with nails sticking out, a sculpture covered by rust but full of character or your personalised DIY tool box …this week anything metal goes 🙂


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Camera Lucida – Autumn Lane

DSCN5375 (2)
The Challenge:

 This week’s theme: Autumn Lane

1. the season after summer and before winter, in the northern hemisphere from September to November and in the southern hemisphere from March to May.

2. a division of a road marked off with painted lines and intended to separate single lines of traffic according to speed or direction.

This week your challenge is to interpret autumn…the lane that separates the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Capture the beautiful colours of trees…the ripe and tasty autumn harvest…the fine cross line between worlds that are so close but so far apart…

The possibilities are endless…show your artistic side and be bold…try different perspectives and share your own personal take on one of the most beautiful seasons that transforms nature into an unforgettable painting.

This is my most autumnal pattern yet. I went out at dusk one November evening last year to find some leaves and some light.  The fall colors were amazing, and I have some pictures of this little pumpkin in and amongst beautiful red and golden leaves, but this photo is my favorite for this photo challenge. I love that it’s an almost literal rendering of the challenge.

I have to add that I love fall.  I love the colors. I love days like yesterday, when it was cool enough to bundle up in a warm sweater, yet I could still feel some warmth from the sun.  I love looking forward to Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I love the flavors of pumpkin, apple cider, hot cocoa.  I even love football!   Mostly I love the warm light of the autumn sun’s slanting rays and the way it turns everything golden in the evening.

Check out Julia’s My Red Page‘s weekly Camera Lucida Photo Challenge.

Julia’s instructions state:

The content of the post is completely down to you, share just the photo or be even more creative and tell us the story behind the scene, make it your own.

#cameralucida, Autumn Lane

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Camera Lucida – The Colour of Life

This week’s theme: The Colour of Life

  1. Colour – the property possessed by an object of producing different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.
  2. Life – a particular type or aspect of human existence

As a knitwear designer, this photo sums it up for me.  I love the play of color and light within the photo…my design life centers around color, light, and the tools of the trade, along with imagination, texture, yarn, and thought.

This is my second entry in Julia’s My Red Page‘s weekly Camera Lucida Photo Challenge.

#cameralucida, Camera Lucida – The Colour of Life


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Camera Lucida – The Sign

World’s Smallest Harbor

World's Smallest Harbor

Depoe Bay is not far from our home, about an hour and a half away.  It’s a cute town: fun shopping, nice restaurants, whale watching.  This sign caught my eye today. I know that Depoe Bay is the world’s smallest harbor, but when I actually think about its being the smallest harbor in the world…well, that’s something. It was quite busy, too.  A steady stream of boats was going in and out of the harbor the entire time we were there. I am sort of fond of The World’s Smallest Harbor.

This is my first entry in Julia’s My Red Page‘s weekly Camera Lucida Photo Challenge.

Julia’s instructions state:

The content of the post is completely down to you, share just the photo or be even more creative and tell us the story behind the scene, make it your own.

I was looking for something ironic for this challenge, but The World’s Smallest Harbor seems to fit the bill just as well.

Your gallery

#cameralucida, Camera Lucida – The Sign

Here’s a related post, Wordless Wednesday: World’s Smallest Harbor, with more pictures of Depoe Bay.  It includes an impromptu video I shot of a couple of boats zipping in and out of the channel.  You can see how narrow the channel really is.  It is my first video, so please don’t expect cinematographic excellence!  😉