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Castle Beach Spa Cloth is Here!

The Castle Beach Spa Cloth is the second in the Folk Tales Spa Cloth Collection. Like the Fairy Godmother’s Spa Cloth, it is knit sideways, using pima cotton to create a soft, luxurious and pampering facial cloth.

I designed this pattern for the Summer Spa Swap going on in my Ravelry group.  I wrote about the swap here.  Making this cloth is not a requirement for participation in the swap!

Cockleshell Edging
Cockleshell Edging

The design is based around a vintage stitch pattern, Cockleshell Edging, resembling a clam shell. This fit well with our Summer Spa Swap’s beachy theme. Next, I started searching for the right name for this pattern. I wanted something related to summer/ beaches/ clamming that would also go nicely with Fairy Godmother, since the two spa cloths are constructed so similarly.

I rejected names like “Clam Digger” and “Clam Bake.”  I wanted the pattern to evoke ideas of the clam shells, not the meat. Next, I looked at clamming beaches in Oregon, and they had names like Netarts – not the least bit romantic and nothing like Fairy Godmother.

I began thinking about fairy tales, many originating in other parts of the world, and so I started looking for clamming beaches in the UK. Eventually my search led me to Castle Beach (Tenby) in Wales. Although it doesn’t appear to be a clamming beach, it does have a castle. It satisfied both of my requirements and made me happy!

You can find the Castle Beach Spa Cloth pattern here. Thank you and I hope you will enjoy this spa cloth pattern!

Castle Beach Spa Cloth
Spa Cloth Detail
Lower Edge Detail