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Wordless Wednesday: Why It Belongs in a Knitting Blog

When I first started the Wordless Wednesday feature, my main goal was to have a weekly feature and to be able to share my love of photography.  However, as time has passed, I see that the photos and themes I choose definitely tie in with my knitting and designing, more significantly with the latter.

The first installment, Wordless Wednesday – Well, Nearly…, was mainly an introduction to the feature and, perhaps, to me.


Three of the Wordless Wednesday stories deal with a huge inspiration for me: color.  Color for me is visceral; beautiful color, whether a single hue or several in combination, elevates.  Wordless Wednesday: MonochromeWordless Wednesday: Multi (1) (because I fully expect there to be further “Multi” stories), and Wordless Wednesday: Green.  These beautiful colors inspire my knitting and my design ethic.

Salmon River, Oregon
This golden color may very well be my favorite…
…as evidenced by my use of it in many projects and designs.

Wordless Wednesday: Texture (Beach)Wordless Wednesday: Water, and even Wordless Wednesday: World’s Smallest Harbor explore texture and light, which always, always inform my designs.

I discovered this beach, Gleneden Beach, which is on the Salishan Spit, the year before the Salishan Cowl pattern was written.  I was so shocked and delighted to discover that we had a black sand (or dark sand, at any rate) beach in Oregon.  How could I have lived here for over twenty years and not have known we had such a beach?!?  The wind- and surf-made texture in the sand was a direct inspiration for this cowl.

Salishan Cowl
Salishan Cowl

Wordless Wednesday: Faves and Wordless Wednesday: Colorwork are about beautiful things that are inspiring to me.  I love how these two disparate photos contain nearly the same colors:

Garden Abundance

The Colours of My Life
The Colours of My Life

Wordless Wednesday: What They’re Looking At ponders point of view.  The subjects of these photos are intently looking at something, thinking about it and taking it in. The practice of taking the time to examine something in depth often leads to  design inspiration, at least for me.

cliff and eric on hike

This week’s post will be Wordless Wednesday: Stonework.  Recently we visited the grounds of the Historic Columbia Gorge Hotel and Silver Falls State Park, both of which feature some beautiful stonework.  I was taken with the beautiful warm colors within the stonework and the play of light on the surface of the stones.  One of my favorite photos is of a stonework drinking fountain (!).  I love that a basic, everyday object was made into a beautiful work of art…and that’s what I attempt to do with my knitwear designs.

Wordless Wednesdays serve to share stories with you about what I’m seeing and thinking about, and they serve to keep me rooted in the images – the colors, textures, emotions and impressions – that inspire me.

Thanks for checking in and taking the time to visit!!

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The Salem Art Fair & Festival

Today I decided to make my way to the 66th annual Salem Art Fair and Festival.


Held the third weekend in July, this juried art fair features over 200 regional, national, and international artists.  Twenty-five years ago we moved to Salem in July, and I think the Salem Art Fair is one of the first best things we discovered about our new home.  The artwork is always of high quality, and there are items at all price points.  It’s always a lot of fun to see if you can find that special piece that speaks to you.

This year I was surprised to see more fiber artists.  Perhaps that’s because I am now more aware of the fiber arts.  Check out this fascinating embroidered work: Yan’s Design – Handmade Embroidery Art (link leads to video of the work being done).  She paints on silk and then hand embroiders the detail.  Amazing!  Also lovely was the weaving by Bautista Weaving:


I loved the canopy of old oak trees that provided much-needed shade at Bush’s Pasture Park, on this day when it was nearly 100 degrees by 1:00.


The heat did me in.  I headed home, slightly burnt and somewhat disappointed that I was done for the day.  The festival continues tomorrow; I can always go back if it calls to me.

I found just two treasures to bring home, but I was very pleased with them.

The first is the bar of handmade soap I was looking for to send to my swap partner in the Summer Spa Swap we’re having in my Ravelry group.  If you missed this swap, keep an eye out for the next one!  (But I digress!)  I found ArtSoap, which is made by creatively arranging pieces of glycerine soap and then slicing them – think millefiori.  The ArtSoap is definitely a unique look, but it smells divine!  I am hopeful that my swap partner will like it.  Their website is


I also found this sweet coneflower mug made by Fishbowl Pottery.  I just love it and think the design is perfect!  I love the colors and the sculptural texture of the flowers.  Love!



I hope you have enjoyed checking out the Salem Art Fair & Festival with me.  I didn’t even mention the food, the live music at the two bandstands, and the performances by the Children’s Educational Theatre!  If you ever have the chance to visit, it is well worth the trip.

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Taking the Plunge

And so it is time to take the plunge and finally start writing…about the creative process, which I find fascinating and in which I also participate.  And about knitting, that wonderful expression of color, texture, fiber, love.  How little I knew when my sister Kathy taught me to knit some 8 or 9 years ago that I would fall in love with making pretty things with string and sticks!

Did I mention fiber?  The yarns now available are AMAZING!!!  There is just no other way to phrase it!  My personal favorites are animal fibers because of the fabulous characteristics of the resulting fabric, including varying degrees of memory (springiness), warmth and breathability.  I love the current availability of breed-specific yarns and will share about those yarns as I encounter them.  We will discuss other yarns as well, including other animal fibers, plant fibers, and even blends.

Then there’s color.  I LOVE color!  I don’t just dream in color, I feel in color.  The perfect combination of colors will lead me to a perfect sense of well-being and peace, whereas the wrong combination…well, the wrong combination can make me feel slightly nauseous!!   I am constantly amazed by the beautiful and amazing colorways now produced by independent dyers…even by larger yarn companies.  

Let’s just say that the yarns now available, taking into consideration the fiber content and the colorways, are a major reason why I started knitting, why I stayed knitting, and why I started designing.

In addition to posts about designs and designing, fibers and colors, you can expect to see a smattering of posts regarding whatever I happen to be thinking about.  Generally those will be related to family or friends, travel and exploring the Oregon Coast.

Thank you for spending some time here with me.  I hope you will enjoy the thoughts I share and that you will feel welcome to share thoughts as well.