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Wordless Wednesday – Well, Nearly…

I am writing this new post in response to a prompt made in the Blogging 201 class I’m taking on WordPress, a suggestion to write a weekly post such as Wordless Wednesday or Throwback Thursday.   I thought it might be fun to give Wordless Wednesday a shot.  The only writing in future Wednesday posts would be the title.  The rest of the story would be told through pictures.  As you can see from today’s post, though, sometimes there are a lot of words in my photos!  I truly haven’t any idea what anyone else does with Wordless Wednesday; this is my interpretation based solely on the title.

At any rate, it seemed like a challenge that would be fun and could share a bit of my story with you.  I’m not sure whether this is something that will stay in the blog, but for today, I present:

Wordless Wednesday – enjoy the images







Fairy Godmother’s Spa Cloth
Fairy Godmother’s Spa Cloth








In this blog, you will find not only an exploration of all that is good in our knitterly lives, but also a variety of posts tying together my passions for writing, photography, and my home state of Oregon.

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