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Metolius – the River and the Mitt

This week my sisters and I took a short jaunt to the Metolius River.  It is a stunning, beautiful river.  We were surprised at the volume of water rushing by, and the fall colors were glorious.  I can’t wait to go back sometime and explore the area more fully.

beautiful river

with river sign        Sign

The surrounding area was quiet and peaceful.  It would be a great place to knit!  Not to mention fish, bike, hike, read…


I love how the sunlight filters through the water.

river overview

And these are the Metolius River Mitts:

gold mitt natural background

They are so named as this colorway with its beautiful blues, greens, ginger, gold and browns made me think of sunlight filtering through water to the river rock below:

Metolius River Mitts

Finally, here they are worked in yet another colorway, Rusted.  This picture was taken before the thumb was completed.

Rusted 2

This pattern is one of my favorites because it looks great in a variety of sock yarns and works up quickly on size 5 needles.  If you are looking for a pattern for a special skein of sock yarn, this could be it.

Thanks for joining me in this look at the Metolius – the river and the mitts!


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