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Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract II

Abstraction II

I love how the play of color, reflection, light and shadow create an abstract image. Taken at the Salmon River in Oregon.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract


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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract II

  1. This is the first time I’ve seen your actual blog layout. I guess I usually comment via phone? What a cute one especially w/this postcard response area! It’s so you! Ooh! Ice cream for breakfast? My little one would be all over that. And I’ve never read Jane Eyre. I need to find an audiobook of that. I know there are many knitter fans of that, like Voolenvine’s Kristen who made a dress of material that reminded her of the movie that she raves about.

    1. Thank you, Stefanie! <3 It's a brand new theme for me – I just switched to it last night! I like how it organizes content and love the whimsical little touches 🙂 The ice cream was nice – nothing else really sounded good.

      And I'm loving Jane Eyre. I know I read it long ago, and I've seen the movie, but I didn't remember anything about her childhood (which is as far as I am now), and the language – ah, it's soooooo well written! It would be such fun to create a set of designs based on great literature.

      I’m doing some sweater surgery this afternoon – like your sock surgery last week. Not for the faint of heart!!!

      1. Ooh, I’m sure everything will be fine as you’re patient. Do blog about that. I’m interested in hearing about it. Okay, I will add Jane Eyre on my list. Heard the movie was really good too. Will have to look that up.

        1. Yes, do add Jane Eyre to your list! I hope you will enjoy it.

          I will blog about the sweater surgery. I have been taking pictures of each step. Now I just need to make sure everything is centered before I start on the Kitchener stitch. On to that now.

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