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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

Little Marina 3 (1280x913)

The Challenge:

Show us the detail that made a good experience a truly transcendent one —

~Michelle W.  The Daily Post

One November day while wandering near Cascade Locks, the light was perfect and the views divine. The Bridge of the Gods was breathtaking, as were the locks, to say nothing of the spectacular fall color. When it was nearly time to leave, I came upon a tiny marina. Not only was finding this marina a treasure, but the serene calm of the water with its beautiful reflective quality was the detail that made my heart sing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top


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3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

  1. I love that this picture almost has two different color palettes. There are the greys of the slate, water, mountains and sky juxtaposed with the intense warmth and light of the greens and oranges in the grass and trees and even the dark but warm brown of the pilings. It looks like a stray sunbeam hit the scenery just enough to light those colors up.

    I’ve nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award:) See details here:

    1. Thank you, Alex! That’s a lovely analysis of the photo. The conditions were so favorable that day – I was able to snap other photos that I loved because of the fall color and the amazing slanting light. It makes me happy to think of that beauty.

      Thank you also for nominating me for the award! You are very kind! 🙂 Off to take a look.

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