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Race Day Spa Cloth

The Race Day Spa Cloth is here! It’s one of the new patterns in the Folk Tales Spa Cloth Collection , a collection of fun-to-knit and lovely spa cloth patterns knit side-to-side. Quick to make, they’re the perfect go-to patterns when you need to whip up a nice gift – just add a lovely bar of soap. Of course, it’s always a good idea to make a few for yourself, too!

The stockinette and lace pattern in the Race Day Spa Cloth reminds me of pennants one might see on the day of a big race – like the one between the Tortoise and the Hare. This cloth is knit sideways, using pima cotton to create a soft, luxurious and pampering facial cloth, like all the cloths in the Folk Tales Spa Cloth series.

This is one of my favorite spa cloth patterns. I love the look of just a little bit of stockinette alongside the garter stitch and the lacework. Some lovely cloths have been knit so far.

I love this cloth, striking in red:

By Ratch
Knit by Ratch, photo used by permission

This cloth is knit beautifully and staged elegantly!

By WillowandTwist
Knit by WillowandTwist, photo used by permission

This cloth was knit by my friend Torunn. White cotton yarn shows off the stitch pattern so well! Torunn hails from Norway and staged her spa cloth with a traditional Norwegian bowl she painted (did I mention how creative she is???) and a troll doll!

Knit by torunnb, photo used by permission

Follow this link to buy now or find the pattern in my Ravelry Store.  Also available as part of the Folk Tales Spa Cloth Collection – get all 6 spa cloth patterns for a great price!

I hope you will enjoy the Race Day Spa Cloth pattern!

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