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Wuv, Tru Wuv, The Second Annual Valentine’s Day Mini Swap

Dear Knitters,

I am so excited that we’re going to have another Wuv, Tru Wuv Mini Swap in my Ravelry Group! You can read all about the 2016 Valentine’s Day Mini Swap here.

And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva…

Princess Bride Priest

…from The Princess Bride

Janie from Carla (2)The rules for this swap are easy:

  1. You must be a member of the Knit Equals Joy group on Ravelry.
  2. You will send one small knit, crocheted, sewn or stitched gift, a card and a small treat ($5.00 max) to your secret swap partner.
  3. Sign-ups end January 4th and partners will be assigned by January 5th.
  4. Our mailing deadline is January 25th (if you have an international swap partner, we encourage you to mail a few days earlier).
  5. You must participate in the swap discussion at least once a week.
  6. When you receive your package, you must post your thanks as soon as possible and post a photo as quickly as you can.
  7. You must stitch your project with love.  🙂

Sign-ups are here.  Don’t miss out: Sign up before January 4th!

Heather from Torunn (2)

Jen from Janie2

All of 2016’s wonderful Wuv, Tru Wuv swap gifts:

Wuv Tru Wuv Collage

Wanna be a knit equals joy swapper? Come on over to the group and join us!

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