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Wuv, Tru Wuv: The Second Annual Valentine’s Day Mini Swap is in the Books!!!

The Knits Equals Joy Ravelry group has just wrapped our second annual Wuv, Tru Wuv Mini Swap. We had a wonderful time, and beautifully crafted items winged across the States and even to and from Canada and England.

I always love putting together a collage of the swap packages that were exchanged. These gifts were knit, crocheted and stitched. I myself was the very fortunate recipient of a gorgeous scissors case that was stitched, embroidered and appliqued. It will be treasured!


We have several more swaps planned for this year. A swap is a terrific way to jump on in to the Ravelry group and get to know other knitters. We chat, we check in; often Jen (our swap organizer exceptionale) or I will ask questions to facilitate conversation or to find out details like pink or red and coffee or tea?

Here’s what’s coming up for the rest of the year:
Spring/Easter Swap (this could be a mug/mug rug swap…)
Summer Spa Swap
Autumn/Halloween Swap
Mini Advent Swap – This swap will require 5 presents total. One for each of the Sundays during Advent and one for Christmas Day. Only one of the days will require a handcrafted item although you are welcome to craft as many of them as you wish.

I hope you will think about joining our next swap. They’re terrific!

Check out the group here: Knit Equals Joy.

Get the new free -for-a-limited-time Missy’s Spa Cloth pattern here.  jens



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