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Excitement at the Coast

Yesterday was opening day of the Dungeness Crab season on the Oregon Coast.  We wandered around the Bayfront in Newport Sunday; crab pots were in abundance in anticipation of the day.

I loved seeing the colorful crab pots lined up everywhere:

Every boat has its crab pots
The Redeemer with its crab pots
Anticipation is palpable

What a great day at the Bayfront, with the sense of excitement and anticipation for this late season to start.  Wish I had been there to see the boats come back in with their hauls!


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6 thoughts on “Excitement at the Coast

    1. I love to eat crabmeat! I don’t like to cook it! 😉 When I buy it, the work has already been done – i.e., cooked and cleaned. My fave dish is crab eggs benedict. Yumm!!!

      1. Mmm! Eggs benedict is one of my favorite dishes to eat out. I learned how to eat crab since I was young. My mum taught me how to clean it and steam it. My dad would usually put a shot of Samurai whiskey in the stomach that we would share.

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