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Pumpkin Mood (a picture-heavy post)

Bring on the Fall!  I don’t know about you, but I just can’t seem to get enough of the saturated colors this Fall.  Pumpkins, of course, but also the leaves, the slanted sunlight, beams of light on grasses bent nearly horizontal in today’s stormy winds.  Add in costumes at work this week, apple cider, pumpkin lattes, birthday soon…truly my favorite time of the year.

Over the weekend I found this blogpost by Toot Sweet 4 Two, and the pumpkin photos are just fabulous.  You might enjoy it as much as I did.  42 Types of Pumpkins

All the Knit Equals Joy pumpkin patterns (so far) in their many iterations, from earliest design to most recent:

Mini Colorwork Pumpkin
Mini Colorwork Pumpkin
Colorwork Pumpkin
Colorwork Pumpkin (with duplicate stitch added)
Large Colorwork Pumpkin
Large Colorwork Pumpkin
Large Colorwork Pumpkin
Autumn Spice Pumpkin
Autumn Spice Pumpkin
Wee Pumpkin (It’s knit flat)
Wee Pumpkin (Amber’s Garland)
Plaid Pumpkin
Plaid Pumpkin
Plaid Pumpkin (by Dee)

Black Light Plaid Pumpkin
It’s Fall, Y’all (short)
It’s Fall, Y’all (tall)
Spidey (pinkish fall colors)
Spidey (mountainish fall colors)

Thanks for taking a moment to see things through my eyes and for letting me share my joy for Fall with you.




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  1. Such a fun post. So many cool pumpkin shapes on the linked blog. I love all your pumpkins but the wee one is especially fun! Can’t wait to see what pumpkin you design next!!

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