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Shearwater Sweater Ready for Testing!

The design I have been working on since February has been tech edited and it now has a name: Shearwater.   A shearwater is a seabird; it is also the name of a lake and a resort.  It makes me think of the sea – the smell of saltwater and the sound of seagulls.  Who knows, perhaps even a selkie is sunning in a cove nearby.

I mentioned before the similarites to the Ethereal Sweater, with the major difference being that it has no stranded colorwork.  Only one color is ever worked at a time, and the colorwork is created through the use of slipped stitches.

The sweater uses a main color (Dragonfly Fibers Pixie in Captain Nemo) and 10 solid/ semi-solid contrasting colors, along with one variegated colorway.  The variegated colorway magically ties the rest of the colors together and adds an extra something special.  It really makes the sweater sing!

Fading is the technique used to blend the colors one into another.  It’s really quite fun to do, and instructions are included, of course.

The hem and sleeve cuff are worked in another slipped stitch pattern that almost looks woven.  This hem makes me very happy.

If you are interested in testing, please go to Shearwater Test on Yarnpond to get the details and to sign up if you wish.

A very different type of test knit will be coming soon, the Hollywood and Vine Shawl.  This design is part of a designer collaboration, so it will be top secret until the collection is published.  We will test it over on Yarnpond as well.  It has cables and some wonderful Japanese stitches, as well as a picked-up border.  I can share a glimpse of it here.

And finally, the 2023 pumpkin design has revealed itself to me.  (It really is a thing…it’s like with authors whose characters have conversations with them….)

…Anyway, the yarn is purchased, and as soon as Hollywood and Vine is sent for tech editing, it will be on the needles.  It will have two or three colors, but they’ll be treated more like color blocks than any kind of colorwork, and this will be the color at the base – I really can’t wait to get started!:

Ahh, happy to be dreaming of pumpkins!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!




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  1. I’m anxiously waiting to see the new pumpkin design. I have happily knit so many of your pumpkins and always get glowing compliments.

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