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The Queen’s Spa Cloth!

Alex's Edge Detail (640x640)

I’m excited to introduce a new pattern, The Queen’s Spa Cloth.  This is another spa cloth that’s knit side-to-side using lovely pima cotton to make a cloth that is soft enough to use on your face. I use the spa cloths from this collection every day.

I will admit that this stitch might not be the most practical for a spa cloth, but it is made by using triple yarnovers to make elongated stitches which are then knitted together, and it’s just fun to do! Admittedly, if lace and yarnovers aren’t your thing, it might not be your idea of fun. But I found it oddly satisfying to unwind the triple yarnovers to make the elongated stitches. Yes, I am a knitting nerd; there’s no denying it.

This pattern is available on Ravelry for $1.25, here.

If you use social media, use the tags #morespacloths and #thequeensspacloth to join in on the spa cloth mania!

huge thank you to my wonderful test knitters and tech editor. Their help is invaluable as I endeavor to provide quality patterns to you. I am fortunate to be surrounded by such a talented and kind group of knitters.

The photos on this page and in the pattern are by Alex of alexand knits. Many thanks to Alex for allowing me to use her lovely photos.

Finally, I am working on a collection of six or seven spa cloth patterns, currently under the working title of Folk Tales Spa Cloth Collection.  This is the fourth and two more are in testing and tech editing. My hope is to write them as an e-book, although they may be grouped as a Ravelry collection instead.  I will keep you posted on the collection!

I hope you will check out the Queen’s Spa Cloth, and that you will enjoy this wild stitch as much as I did!

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