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Fall, Mad About Plaid, Cheers to Ewe

Hey y’all!  I hope everyone is enjoying these great (almost) Fall days! I’m so happy that football is back, and tonight we had some amazing pumpkin pasta with Autumn alfredo sauce.  It was fabulous, and it tasted like Fall.

I know you’ve been seeing Plaid Pumpkin pictures all over the place along with a ton of Pumpkin-A-Long posts over the last few days.  My apologies for the inundation of information – I wanted to get all the info out there at the beginning and have it in an easily accessible place for any general questions about how the PAL works.

Main things to remember: make any Knit Equals Joy pumpkin, post finished picture on Instagram with correct tags or in the Knit Equals Joy Facebook group; finish everything by Halloween.  Prizes, fun.  That’s it!  This post: The Second Annual Pumpkin-A-Long (PAL) has all the details in much more detail-y form.  The prizes are there now, too.

So, speaking of pumpkins and patterns, I recently started adding my designs to a new pattern site, PatternVine.  I was drawn to the look of the site – it’s very lovely.  I’ve slowly been updating my patterns – adding the new logo and better photos – and then adding them to PatternVine.  I wanted my customers to have several different options available for purchasing my patterns.

Ladianne is one of the owners of PatternVine as well as of a yarn shop called Cheers to Ewe, and she purchased and is making the Large Colorwork Pumpkins pattern, spider version.   Cheers to Ewe has a weekly show, and last Saturday they chatted a bit about my pumpkin patterns.  I am of course biased because of that, but I really enjoyed the show.  The enthusiasm was contagious, and you can tell they were having a good time.  But I loved how the show was built around variations on a theme – plaid, in this case.  If you have time and are so inclined, you might enjoy the show.

Enjoy the rest of your week, and happy knitting!


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Wordless Wednesday: Pumpkins

October has me in a pumpkin state of mind ~

Pumpkins (375x500)
by cascott
by leelaswann
by kimmery
by jenb69
by jenb69
by PLC1
by jenb69
photo, pumpkin, and hand-carved wooden apple core by torunnb
by torunnb
Colorwork Mini Pumpkin with Fall Leaves
by me
by me
Jen's Patch and Candy (281x378)
jenb69’s Patch and Candy (I’m not sure which pattern it is)
by PLC1, as is featured photo
all photos used with permission

knit equals joy

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Colorwork Pumpkins: A New Pattern and a Collection

Just in time for your Fall/Halloween knitting, it’s the new Colorwork Pumpkins pattern!


Colorwork Pumpkins are perfect for fall, whether you want to decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving, or all season long. Make several in different colors and yarn weights, and choose between three different chart designs. They also make GREAT gifts.

Pattern includes charts for spiders (two variations) and Art Nouveau calla lilies. These charts are some of my favorites so far. They were so much fun to design, and they’re fun to knit, too. I love how these beautifully knit pumpkins by PLC1, jenb69, and cascott (my friends and Ravelry users) turned out!

PLC1’s Colorwork Pumpkin, photo used by permission
jenb69’s Colorwork Pumpkin, photo used by permission

Mini Colorwork Pumpkins coordinate perfectly with the Colorwork Pumpkins. Both patterns are written with i-cord tendrils, but some knitters have modified their projects and have used another method for making tendrils. You can find the modifications by looking through the project pages on Ravelry (or message me and I can send you in the right direction).

Mini Colorwork Pumpkin
Mini Colorwork Pumpkins
Pumpkins (375x500)
cascott’s Mini Colorwork Pumpkin, used by permission

For a great deal, purchase both patterns together for $6.00. Follow this link: Colorwork Pumpkins Collection – no coupon code is necessary. Or, get each pattern separately for $4.00.

I hope you will check out these patterns ~ and have a great Fall!!!

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Camera Lucida – Autumn Lane

DSCN5375 (2)
The Challenge:

 This week’s theme: Autumn Lane

1. the season after summer and before winter, in the northern hemisphere from September to November and in the southern hemisphere from March to May.

2. a division of a road marked off with painted lines and intended to separate single lines of traffic according to speed or direction.

This week your challenge is to interpret autumn…the lane that separates the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Capture the beautiful colours of trees…the ripe and tasty autumn harvest…the fine cross line between worlds that are so close but so far apart…

The possibilities are endless…show your artistic side and be bold…try different perspectives and share your own personal take on one of the most beautiful seasons that transforms nature into an unforgettable painting.

This is my most autumnal pattern yet. I went out at dusk one November evening last year to find some leaves and some light.  The fall colors were amazing, and I have some pictures of this little pumpkin in and amongst beautiful red and golden leaves, but this photo is my favorite for this photo challenge. I love that it’s an almost literal rendering of the challenge.

I have to add that I love fall.  I love the colors. I love days like yesterday, when it was cool enough to bundle up in a warm sweater, yet I could still feel some warmth from the sun.  I love looking forward to Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I love the flavors of pumpkin, apple cider, hot cocoa.  I even love football!   Mostly I love the warm light of the autumn sun’s slanting rays and the way it turns everything golden in the evening.

Check out Julia’s My Red Page‘s weekly Camera Lucida Photo Challenge.

Julia’s instructions state:

The content of the post is completely down to you, share just the photo or be even more creative and tell us the story behind the scene, make it your own.

#cameralucida, Autumn Lane

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Mini Colorwork Pumpkins

I love fall.  It is my favorite season of the year.   I love fall colors.  I love the way the slanting rays of the dwindling sun cast a golden glow over everything.  I love pumpkins, gourds, many-colored ornamental corn, fall apples, fresh apple cider.  I love the crisp evening air that signals fall’s arrival.  I love trips to the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, pumpkin bars.  Truly, I love everything about fall.  And even though we’re not quite there yet, something about today’s weather made me think about fall.  Which made me think about fall decorating.

Last year, I wrote this little pattern for fall.  Of course, I didn’t see my inspiration for it until fall was already in full swing, so the pattern was released late, right around Halloween.  This year, I want to share it now so knitters will have time to make the pumpkin, or several, in time for Halloween and/or fall decorating.

Inspiration for the Mini Colorwork Pumpkins. When I saw this in the store, I realized that knitting patterns featuring the motifs right on the pumpkin itself were few to none.


Colorwork pumpkin in black and gold. I love this color combination:

DSCN5363 (2)

Jen made this fun colorwork pumpkin with spider. I love how she integrated it into her fall decorating!  Several spider charts are included in the pattern.


Meg made this lovely pumpkin with tonal yarns:


Pattern details:

Quick and easy, Mini Colorwork Pumpkins are perfect for Fall, whether you want to decorate for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Make several in different colors and yarn weights, and choose from 6 different charted designs. At about 3 1/2 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter, they knit up very quickly.

Charts include Mini Spiders, Mini Spiders Alternating, Booooooo, Art Nouveau Leaves, Tall Spiders and More Tall Spiders.

To purchase this pattern online, click here: