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Mini Colorwork Pumpkins

I love fall.  It is my favorite season of the year.   I love fall colors.  I love the way the slanting rays of the dwindling sun cast a golden glow over everything.  I love pumpkins, gourds, many-colored ornamental corn, fall apples, fresh apple cider.  I love the crisp evening air that signals fall’s arrival.  I love trips to the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, pumpkin bars.  Truly, I love everything about fall.  And even though we’re not quite there yet, something about today’s weather made me think about fall.  Which made me think about fall decorating.

Last year, I wrote this little pattern for fall.  Of course, I didn’t see my inspiration for it until fall was already in full swing, so the pattern was released late, right around Halloween.  This year, I want to share it now so knitters will have time to make the pumpkin, or several, in time for Halloween and/or fall decorating.

Inspiration for the Mini Colorwork Pumpkins. When I saw this in the store, I realized that knitting patterns featuring the motifs right on the pumpkin itself were few to none.


Colorwork pumpkin in black and gold. I love this color combination:

DSCN5363 (2)

Jen made this fun colorwork pumpkin with spider. I love how she integrated it into her fall decorating!  Several spider charts are included in the pattern.


Meg made this lovely pumpkin with tonal yarns:


Pattern details:

Quick and easy, Mini Colorwork Pumpkins are perfect for Fall, whether you want to decorate for Halloween or Thanksgiving. Make several in different colors and yarn weights, and choose from 6 different charted designs. At about 3 1/2 inches tall and 3 inches in diameter, they knit up very quickly.

Charts include Mini Spiders, Mini Spiders Alternating, Booooooo, Art Nouveau Leaves, Tall Spiders and More Tall Spiders.

To purchase this pattern online, click here:


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  1. I love fall as much as you! I find my color preferences are starting to turn to deep oranges, mustards and reds. Your post makes me want to knit more mini pumpkins!!

  2. Fall is just the best! I love the colors you’re thinking of. Thanks! Writing the post put me in the fall mood, and made me want to knit a few more mini pumpkins, too!!

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