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An Online Advent Calendar – Creative, Uplifting

Holly and Snow (2), used by permission.

I’m getting into the holiday spirit – and being helped by a lovely, fun and unique advent calendar, the 2015 Jacquie Lawson Advent Calendar.  A dear friend gifted it to me, and I’m loving it!  It is a downloadable app for PC or iPad, and each day there is something new to unlock.  The theme is Victoriana; the scene, a Victorian village. A Christmas playlist, designing your own snowflakes, decorating Christmas trees, and a game in which you break ornaments are a few of the features I have found so far.  I love the design element of this application – the artistic and creative ways that someone applied her gifts to create something new.  This is designed by a team, actually, but that makes it no less creative, to my view.

I hope you will go check out the demo video.  This is a great Christmas gift idea – very reasonably priced, unique, and uplifting!


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