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Willamette Valley Tee – Finished!

I’m doing a happy dance because I recently finished up the Willamette Valley Tee. After many months of design, redesign, knitting, ripping out and knitting again, it was a huge relief to have finished this sweater design! Whew! See postscripts at the bottom of this page for details about sizes, availability, and test-knitting.

We had a great time at the photo shoot. The countryside was breathtaking, and it was a sparklingly beautiful day. You can see the expanse of the Willamette Valley, the inspiration for the colors in this tee, in some of these photos.

It’s great to now have space freed up in my brain for new designs.  I’ve just finished designing a little spa cloth for the upcoming mini summer spa swap in my Ravelry group.  Come check out the group here. We will be having swap sign-ups soon!

I’ll leave you with some of the photos from the photo shoot. Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

open view red barn (3) (1024x673)

DSC_0079 (683x1024)

In grasses, shading eyes (683x1024)

back of sweater 2 (862x1024)

another with old tractor (1024x683)

with old steam machinery (682x1024)

Grasses, with Valley behind (2) (683x1024)

Many thanks to Marianne for modeling the sweater and to her sister and family for allowing us to traipse all over their beautiful property. And for sending me home with homemade sushi! It is a gift to know such generous people!

knit equals joy

P.S. If you are interested in making this sweater, it is currently being tech edited and tested, and I anticipate that the pattern will be released in late summer or early fall. It is available in sizes 35, 38, and 41.

P.P.S. I am always on the lookout for good pattern testers. We’ve just started the test for this sweater, here, in my Ravelry group.  If you’re interested, let me know. Thanks!!!


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12 thoughts on “Willamette Valley Tee – Finished!

  1. Oh wow, I love that! It looks so comfy and yet so colorful. I’m fairly new to fairisle knitting, but I’d love to try knitting that one! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you Bridget! Please see the newly added P.S. and P.P.S. above about sizes, when it will be available, and testing. Thank you!!!

  2. wow, lovely photos, the sweater it stunning. I love the countryside photos!

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