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Easter Memories, A Friend’s Cute Easter Pattern, and the Willamette Valley Tee

Hello, dear friends!  Easter is nearly upon us, and Holy Week is here.  This means choir rehearsals and much singing for me over the next six days.  It also means many happy memories of coloring Easter eggs, egg hunts, dresses made by Mom…

Every year Mom made me an Easter dress. I always loved the pretty fabrics and the pretty dress designs.  Looking at the fabrics she chose – maybe she influenced me in my love of color.  Did anyone else have this Easter tradition in your family?  What other Easter traditions did you or do you have?

Speaking of Easter, my friend Torunn designed this adorable Easter egg hat pattern.

Here’s a link to the free pattern on Ravelry: Knit Egg Hat with Pompom.

Good news, the Willamette Valley Tee is in testing!

After much thinking and problem-solving – and practically throwing in the towel – I realized that the pattern was already nearly written for size 38 – and I was confident that it would work in this size.  So why not move forward and write the pattern for sizes 35 and 38?

Therefore, this design is available for sizes 35 and 38.  The actual measurement of the sweater is 37 ¾ in. (39 ½ in.) at the bust, and could also work for those in the 32-34 in. range, if  a looser fit is acceptable.  The pattern uses fingering weight yarn on size 4 needles.  It is written to use 10 colors, but fewer colors may be used.  It also could be a stash buster.

A couple of people are testing the pattern, but I could use a couple more experienced colorwork testers.  If you would like to test this sweater in one of these two sizes please let me know.  I expect the test knit to run about 2 months.

Here’s the pre-blocking photo:

Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful Easter!

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6 thoughts on “Easter Memories, A Friend’s Cute Easter Pattern, and the Willamette Valley Tee

  1. Wow, look at all that colorwork! That’s an amazing design, Carol. I love, love your TB picture. You are adorbs in your new, Easter dress and knee socks.
    As kids we used to have Easter egg hunts in our grandmother’s backyard. I have a picture where my cousin is frowning b/c she had to give my brother some of her loot. He’s the youngest so he had a hard time I guess finding eggs and stuff.

    1. Thank you, Stef! I think I loved the knee socks as much as the new dress!

      Easter egg hunts are the best. I can just picture your frowning cousin. Learning to share is just so hard sometimes!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My mom was a talented seamstress and so she often made my younger sister and I matching or coordinating dresses for Easter. We could always count on getting a new dress for Easter.

    1. A new mom-made dress for Easter was just the best, wasn’t it?? How fun that you had a sister close enough in age that you could have coordinating or matching dresses!!!

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