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Bold Sweater Now Available

Good Monday evening to you all!   I am so thrilled to let you know that the Bold Sweater is now available.

Bold is a comfy cropped sweater with fun texture detail on the extra-long cuffs, knit top-down with the stockinette side out. The jumbo cables are reversible, which means that if you weave the ends in carefully, you will have a completely reversible garment.  It knits up quickly on large needles in Aran weight yarn, making this sweater a joy to make and to wear.

The sweater is written with a couple of inches of positive ease. Actual measurements are 34.25, 38.25, 42.25, 48.25, and 52.25 inches (87, 97, 107, 123, and 133 cm) at bust.

The cable is a 24 round repeat and the sweater ends with a round 24 of the cable, so plan on extra yarn if you want to make a longer sweater.

This pattern is currently free – through the end of July 2019.

You can find Bold here: Bold Sweater at LoveCrafts.

Lindsay Newton Photography
Lindsay Newton Photography
Lindsay Newton Photography

The original name of this pattern was Bold…with undertones of chocolate…because that’s how I like my coffee (and the cables remind me of the swirls in my coffee).  But it works for beer, too.  Coffee or beer…you decide.

Thank you for your support and I wish you a most excellent week!




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4 thoughts on “Bold Sweater Now Available

  1. Hi,
    I’m in the process of knitting Bold in the largest size and I’ve hit an issue with the dividing for the sleeves round. I seem to be 20 stitches adrift?? Could you please have a quick check of the pattern as shown on Lovecrafts to make sure that round has been printed properly as I’m not sure if there are some typos. Many thanks, Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for your message. Please email me at knitequalsjoy@gmail,com with your particular numbers so that I can figure out where the difference may have occurred.

      While errors may occur in any pattern, please know that this particular pattern was tech edited by two separate tech editors in addition to my own work on it. I like to have confidence that errors have been caught before the pattern is made available, and I like knitters to have that same confidence.

      Anyway, please send me your info via email and I will be happy to take a look!

      Thank you! Carol

  2. Thank you so much Carol for your fast response to my email, I now see where I was going wrong and thanks to your explanation, I can carry on knitting this lovely sweater. I should read patterns more carefully in future and yours has been great to follow with the additional tips you have included. It’s a pleasure to knit a garment with no making up to do at the end! Thanks for your time and your pattern!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Michelle! I appreciate your taking the time to reach out and for asking the question. I’m so glad all is well now! 🙂

      I would love seeing your sweater (progress or finished) if you feel comfortable sharing pictures on Instagram (I will see anything tagged #knitequalsjoy) or in the Knit Equals Joy Facebook group, or if you add a project on LoveCrafts.

      Thanks for your feedback here. I love making a top-down sweater – once you’re done, you’re done! And this round-yoke style fits me better than raglan sweaters, so you may see more in the future!

      Thanks again Michelle!!!

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