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Camera Lucida – Reflections

The ocean is always fascinating to me, and on days like this one, the lighting was perfect for capturing reflections in Yaquina Bay. I love this photo taken during the photoshoot for the Salishan Cowl – precisely because of the beauty of the reflecting sky and the shimmering reflected fishing boats. Even the colors reflect. […]

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Camera Lucida: Metal

As promised, my Camera Lucida entries are knitting-related in some way.   This rusted remnant of days gone by stands beside the pathway to the Salishan Spit.  It was on my second hike to the Spit, the photoshoot for the Salishan Cowl, that I took this photo.   The water pump had caught my eye before, and […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Purple Hues

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Salishan Cowl: A Look into the Design Process

The Salishan Cowl is another pattern which lends itself to a look into the design process. In this case, it was a matter of being immersed in a place as well as spending time pondering the building blocks of knit design, the stitches. The place: I’ve lived in Oregon for 25 years now, and have known […]